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And again I left my blog all alone. Well, this time it was the whole web what I did not update.
In my defense, I have been really busy these months.

I got to finish my Umineko doujinshi, but also participated in a Touhou Project artbook and was one of the main contributors in an UminekoxTouhouxMadoka fanbook. All of them will be sold at Japan Expo, if you go there, take a look please!

I am doing as well some keychains to sell there. Aah, I'm all day doing university work or drawing, ti~ring.

And most important! I'm part of a circle now!
:*.;".*・;・^;・:\(*^▽^*)/:・;^・;・*.";.*: ワーイ♪

It was founded by Ninamo and together with her, Kenneos and me we are three members.
You can find information about everyone at our web

There is a preview for my Umineko book on there, and soon there will be also information abour our UminekoxTouhouxMadoka fanbook and about Kenneos' Madoka Magica doujinshi or Ninamo's uber cute merchandising as well.

I also did a drawing for K-N ( visit cards, if you come to an Spanish event you may get one ☆

To be part of so many projects is awesome.

Once upon a time...


For some time I had been doing a second doujinshi for Umineko.

This time I want to correct what I didn't liked of the first.
The printing company I found is way better than the one I used the first time. I learnt to use ComicStudio instead a lame mix of SAI and Photoshop and also took more care of the drawing not abusing chibis.

It will be Yasu and Shannon, a second part for BeaBato and a third one for the Ushiromiya four siblings.

I want to sell it at Japan Expo in France on June and later at Barcelona's Salón del manga on November.

I'm also taking part on some printed projects, like and Spanish Artbook and a Touhou Project artbook.

It's so exciting to be part of so many things when I never did something similar *A*!


So long~

I want to update both the main web and this blog more often. Lately I have been uploading at imageboards only, hence most of what I did were more or less finished pieces. I want to do silly lame sketches, that never will go further than this web, as I used to.
Also want to improve on backgrounds and poses, my draws are always the same with slighly different stuff, I would like to do more backgrounds and different scenes.

I plan to practice this, and do just sketches for the sake of keep improving. If only I can keep without changing my mind for long...




Everyone enjoy it in your own way, ok~?

I wanted to do a proper Christmas picture but in the end I never moved my ass to do it. I felt there was still a lot until Christmas, when realized there wasn't I just give up.