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Chapter 63 was so inspiring ww I'm doing some fan arts of it, I want to do a lot of things but when I try to draw them they are so ugly and not like the idea I have in my mind.

I even hate my drawing style, there are a lot of styles I like but I can't draw like that, the simplest ones or the detailed ones, but mine ends being something in the middle because I can't do it right. Neither can color, when I start I feel so rushed and do it quickly, when I think about it I can't understand why do I feel I must end it quickly, there is no real reason. Or just don't feel like coloring so do some anime plain one I can finish quickly because I can't just leave thinks b&w, my linearts no are pretty enough like that.

I end being angry with myself, I know where the mistakes are, but I can't correct them and end doing even more mistakes. Maybe because this I wanted to use photoshop to Kid drawing, for some weird reason I can't draw him with traditional media, never comes out good, and I felt if I tried SAI I wouldn't got any result. PS lines have something that made me safer when doing the sketch, probably I don't use PS properly ^^;

I hate being like this, suddlenly one day it dissapears and I can draw even if not better, at least liking it. And then again after a time I'm months hating all I do. And since now nearly a year I only draw fan arts, usually all time the same just because if I don't feel like doing something it doesn't come out, this is one of the things because I never think of myself as an artist and not because stupid spanish teachers say "manga is not art", yeah, yours is *hates*

...Long boring text, ugg ;;


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Que dibujas muy bien, mujer

Y me hice una de estás cuentas ^^
¿Donde lees Soul Eater? mira que el equipo que traducía a español se quedó como en el capítulo 59 y de eso hace meses =.=
Mmmm.... por lo que das a entender, tus problemas artísticos se deben a que más que disfrutar el proceso, te interesa el resultado, quizás por eso te apuras al pintar o.o o quizás tengas muchas ideas y quieras alcanzar a plasmarlas todas XD
En todo caso, a mi me parece que dibujas excelente, en serio. Y pintas muy bien también~~
Pero lamento no poder ayudarte con tu bloqueo artístico, quizás si dejaras los fan arts por un tiempo y te centraras en algo original, podrías mejorar. O probar un estilo no manga, o incluso, dibujar paisajes, animales, objetos, y cosas así para mejorar~~

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